The College of SBS Staff Advisory Council (SBS-SAC)

  SBS-SAC Officers for 2013-2014

   Elena Stauffer, School of Journalism
   Shayna Walker, Dept. of Linguistics
   Margaret Yrun, Dept. of Mexican
    American Studies

   Aysa Roberts
, School of Info.
   Resources & Library Science

   Debbie Jackson, Dept. of History

   Debbie Jackson, Dept. of History

Meetings are the first Thursday of the month @ 9am in the Douglass Building, Room 102.
Our next meeting is Thursday June 5, 2014!

What is the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Staff Advisory Council?

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Staff Advisory Council (SBS-SAC) serves as a liaison and advisor to the Dean on matters relating to SBS staff members. It represents staff and advocates constructive changes in response to concerns articulated by employees in the College. The Council promotes mentoring opportunities, recognizes staff achievements, and seeks to create a sense of community within the College.  " "SBS-SAC Bylaws

How is SBS-SAC different from UA-SAC?

The University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council (UA-SAC) represents all UA staff members on campus and is open to any UA affiliated staff who wishes to participate. UA-SAC has representatives who are elected by their college. The SBS-SAC representative to UA-SAC will be nominated in the fall meeting.

Who is my representative?

Each unit in SBS has a SBS-SAC representative.  If you aren't sure who your representative is, please contact the SBS-SAC Co-Chairs.

Elena Stauffer, School of Journalism
Telephone: 520-621-9616
Office: Marshall 334B

Shayna Walker, Dept. of Linguistics
Telephone: 520-621-2113
Office: Communication 103B

Margaret Yrun, Dept. of Mexican American Studies
Telephone: 520-626-8103
Office: Cesar E Chavez Building 208

Not on the SBS-SAC Listserv? Contact Shayna Walker, Department of Linguistics.